You probably didn’t want to hear this today, but the word on the street is that skinny jeans might be making a triumphant return. The relationship between you and your favorite pair of jeans can be a tumultuous affair. Remember the days when all people wore tight, skinny jeans? Well yeah, looks like we’re in a simulation of 2016.

Although skinny jeans aren’t trending just yet, we’ve observed a shift in fashion choices over TikTok and Instagram recently, namely where people are embracing their once forgotten skinny jeans. However, this time around, the way they’re being styled is quite chic. Yes, I did just say that skinny jeans are chic. So what’s this all about and how can you rock the trend once more in 2022?

While many of us seem to have forgotten about skinny jeans, data by Lyst shows that searches for the item have been gradually increasing since September of 2021 — at 33% a month on average to be exact. While the trend isn’t on everyone’s horizon right now, fashion TikTok users who seem to have a thing for the past (they’re bringing, literally, everything back), are embracing their skinny jeans online and here are three stylish ways in which they’re doing it:

Parisian chic

Light wash, high waisted with a simple tucked T. Easy and effective. The jeans are cut right before the ankle, making room for a casual, chic look.

Models off the runway

Pair a crop top with your high waisted skinny jeans and layer with an unbuttoned oversized plain shirt. Whether you choose to go for sneakers or high heels, the key here is to match the shirt with the shoe of your choice.

It’s all about the structure!

Playing with your silhouette through different style hacks is always a good call. Pair a structured top, preferably with wide shoulders, with your skinny jeans. Finding the right proportions that work for your body can elevate an entire look, no matter how simple you might think the outfit is. We’d recommend going for a cropped, structured top, so it just sits right above your waist. If it isn’t cropped, make sure it’s tucked!

Skinny jeans may be creeping back in, but did they ever leave us? The end of skinny jeans was never a thing, it’s the denim that just refuses to quit. They still have a strong fan base and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, what is changing, however, is a new category of consumers who are ready to embrace one of the most divisive denim trends.