Men, men, men, they love a good ol’ shot of Botox. Counter to what one might expect, there seems to be a ‘masculine’ revolution happening behind closed doors. More men than ever before are flocking to their doctor’s offices for non-invasive cosmetic procedures. It’s as if they’ve just discovered that a simple injection here and there can prevent and hide wrinkles.

As a millennial, I view Botox as part of my regular maintenance routine, in fact, I get it done every six to nine months, following my doctors recommendations, of course. Around a month ago, I went in for some touch-ups and thought to myself – why do men never discuss what they get done with one another? Is cosmetic surgery not considered ‘masculine’ enough? I mean, many men refer to Botox as ‘bro-tox,’ which, you have to admit, is quite funny. But, it’s 2022, and we’re throwing toxic masculinity to the curb. Let’s discuss all things Botox!

Living through a pandemic is the diametric opposite of a glow-up. Last year, plastic surgeons reported a 70 percent spike in men requesting injectable procedures, with Botox and fillers proving most popular. A recent survey revealed that 11 per cent of men believed that the various lockdowns had aged them by five years. Many men want to look healthy and young, but they also do not want to look like they have had anything done. Many are seeking to enhance their natural appearance with younger-looking skin. To a lot of them, it’s as simple as matching their physical appearance with how they feel on the inside, because aren’t we all young at heart? So why Botox?

Social Media

We can’t discuss the rise of non-invasive cosmetic procedures without pointing out the obvious — the impact of social media. With ever-increasing visibility online, men want to look the part. The influence of social media has spurred some surgeons, such as Dr. Dara Liotta, to develop a specific procedures intended to enhance one’s appearance in selfies. LitLife is a cocktail mixture of both Botox and filler, and is applied to six different areas of the face. It is intended to create a contour affect, adding definition to the desired areas. “Essentially, the goal is to make you look like you are always well-lit, like in a Snapchat or Instagram filter,” Liotta explains. To date, about 20 percent of her clients are men. “Botox and filler does not discriminate on the basis of gender,” she adds.

Deepening Wrinkles

As we grow older, a lot of us will experience deepening wrinkles around the face. These wrinkles start off as dynamic, meaning they only appear when the face becomes animated. Over time, they become static, and can be seen while the face is resting. Botox can easily lessen the appearance of forehead creases, crow’s feet, and smile lines. This is done by paralyzing certain targeted muscles. Doctors recommend that patients start on preventative Botox once there are some signs of lines persisting at rest.


Sweat is natural; however, to many it can be an inconvenience or cause them to become self-conscious. Whether it’s sweaty palms, pit stains or sweat caused by stress, Botox can address these problems as doctors attempt to paralyze sweat glands through a series of injections.

I’m not here to say you should get Botox done. It is a personal choice that ultimately rests on your shoulders. Added to that, it is important to consult with a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, or comparable board-certified medical professional, before you consider getting any non-invasive cosmetic procedure!