You may know them, may you be one of them. We call them ‘agents of change’, women who are thriving, succeeding and shining, women who, not only inspire us to aim high and dream big, but who are also motivating us to reach new levels of leadership and economic and cultural empowerment. Today, Pulse invites you to discover some of the most dynamic, impressive women in the Saudi Arabian fashion scene.

Meet the author of the book, ‘Under The Abaya’

Marriam Mossalli, the founder of Niche Arabia, a major consultancy firm specializing in luxury marketing in the GCC, has released a book featuring streetstyle images submitted by Saudi women. Mossalli has  become one of the leading forces in the luxury consultancy field and has contributed to elevating the global status of the industry within Saudi Arabia. She was the only Arab invited to Michelle Obama’s Celebration of Design Gala in 2015, which led to her becoming a clear leader and ambassador for the regional fashion scene in the Middle East. Today, Niche Arabia is earning international recognition for its innovation, especially for the role it has played in elevating the Saudi fashion industry. Born in Sri Lanka, Mossalli lived in Korea and Malaysia before attending boarding school in Switzerland and heading to Washington for university.

Meet a founding member of the first Saudi Fashion Association

Earlier this year, Haya Akhdar was selected as a founding member of the first Fashion Association, a nonprofit organization under the Saudi Ministry of Culture. Akhdar is a name already familiar to many in the close-knit world of fashion and luxury and is also the founder of HFA Consultancy, which specializes in PR and client relations. Akhdar is a Saudi national and prides herself on her natural insight into affluent society and having the drive to deliver the highest level of services. She was born and raised in Riyadh and moved to Dubai in 2003. She started her fashion career with Dior in 2006 and worked for three years in their PR department, before moving to Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

Meet a champion of youth and talent development

Rawan Kattoa is a graduate of Kind Saud University where she obtained a Bachelor’s in Business Advertising. Later, she worked for Saudi-based corporations, including the Saudi Casting Agency as a business developer, and the Olayan Financing Company as a talent acquisition specialist. In 2016, Kattoa moved to Jeddah to follow her passion for fashion and culture, where she launched her own retail footwear and Ramadan-wear brand. She has recently completed a degree in Editorial and Personal Styling from University of the Arts London.