Saudi Arabia’s budding fashion sector is one of the most varied in the MENA region, with a number of promising young designers having emerged upon the fashion scene over the last few years. One such designer is Renad Hefni, who launched Royaled in Jeddah in 2016. The womenswear brand is based in Saudi Arabia and produces its fashion items locally. FTA caught up with Renad to find out more about her label and about her plans for the future.

Q Why did you decide to launch your own brand?
A I’m passionate about creating and passionate about fashion, so I combined both in a career and chose to be a fashion designer.

Q Which are your signature clothing items?
A Our signature is always the blazer. The best-selling item is the half blazer, created in 2017.

Q Where do you sell your designs?
A We own a boutique in Jeddah, and we work with concept stores as well. Online we sell worldwide, but our sales are higher in-store than online.

Q Who’s your main competition?
A Our main competition are the other local designers. They are becoming more innovative with designs and are receiving international recognition.

Q Can you describe your customer?
A Our target market is women in their 20s and 30s. For our younger generations, we provide trendsetting items. For our older customers, we offer a more classic, well-fitted suit with a twist.

Q Why is locally made fashion suddenly so popular in Saudi Arabia and the GCC?
A Because for as long as we can remember, locally made fashion didn’t exist – anything new is always exciting. And going with the new 2030 movement, being an entrepreneur is finally recognized and fashion is a language we can all speak now.

Renad Hefni, founder and designer of Royaled

Q What makes Saudi Arabian and GCC designs different from other designs?
A Our designers put effort and character in their designs. They design to be recognized more than to be commercial: the clothes are authentic, and they’re niche.

A Have you taken any steps to make your brand more sustainable?
Q We use recyclable materials, including cotton and linen blends, as well as silk, and produce less. We also offer made-to-order designs.

Q What can we expect from Royaled in the near future?
A We want to reach a wider market and become more recognized internationally.