Two years later, and we’re still in the midst of a pandemic that has forever changed our lives — and perhaps our diets too? The way we interact with one another has changed, but so has our relationship with food. Some used the time to explore the unfamiliar, while others fell into their safety nets. Here, we outline the food trends we expect to see more of in 2022!


Our bodies have been put through the wringer over the past two years. We’ve been dodging every COVID variant like no tomorrow. Gained weight? That’s okay. Lost weight? That’s also okay. But let’s go into 2022 with one goal: Say no to fad diets! Nutritional experts tell us that fad diets do not work, well, not in the long run. Yes, you might get a quick fix because you went on a juice cleanse, or eliminated carbs, but according to those in the know, this is not a sustainable measure. It’s time to let go of fashion’s unhealthy obsession with our bodies and what we choose to consume, and instead focus on prioritizing the mind, body and soul. You’ve got this, now go enjoy a hearty meal. You deserve it! 


With rising food prices, inflation and supply chain issues affecting stockists, cooking has to become simpler. Many are shifting towards basic ingredients and local produce with optimal nutrient content. Hello za’atar (thyme)!


It’s the year of the mushroom! Fashion is using this superior vegetable to replace leather, and the interest in plant-based food around the globe is gaining popularity. Mushrooms are the perfect meat substitute, mainly because of their taste and texture. 


As humans we find peace in the familiar, so going back to the foods that bring us joy and comfort, while the chaos of COVID continues to loom over us is something we expect to be doing more of in 2022. That family recipe that you haven’t had in years? You may find yourself reaching for it! 


We miss the good ol’ days when going to see a loved one, or a friend didn’t come with complications. Now that vaccines are accessible for anyone five and older, we expect to see intimate dinner parties back in full swing. It’s time to let your inner chef shine. Those recipes you compiled during lockdown? Put them to good use!


We briefly discussed how plant-based eating is gaining momentum, but nutritionists say that the best diet is somewhere in-between. Reduceratian eating, where there is an intentional shift towards plant-based eating, but still including animal products is key. Be flexible, remain balanced. We humans are omnivores —  our bodies digest both plants and animal products equally. It’s 2022, optimal health is what we’re striving for!