Who doesn’t fancy a short getaway to Jordan, especially if it is the ‘Tania Georges way’? Fasten your seatbelts and let’s visit Amman and other ‘IT’ places in this beautiful country as recommended by one of our favorite Jordanian fashion designers.

1 | Beit Sitti

With her two sisters, Georges has opened her grandma’s house to teach guests how to cook a four-course authentic Arabic “tabeekh” (traditional food) with one of their “Hajjat”(Hajah is the title title given to Muslim females who have performed the pilgrimage.) It’s a beautiful concept and a nice way to break barriers. Make sure to say “Hi” to her sister Maria, who is making all of this happen.

2 | Soap house

Home to Georges’ favorite Jordanian natural cosmetics and Dead Sea brand “Trinitae”, the soap house is a landmark of old Amman and the venue is an absolute pleasure to visit. Make sure to pass by and enjoy the beautiful interior and relaxing garden. “I always go for their Dead Sea mud hand cream, pomegranate shea butter, shower soap bar and charcoal soap,” adds Georges.

3 | Roman amphitheater

Visit the square outside, or enter the ancient amphitheater and walk up the steps to go back in time while enjoying the breeze. “My favorite thing to do is visit the viewpoint overlooking the amphitheater (mirador of Roman Theatre). Sitting at this viewpoint is one of my favorite things to do in Amman. Don’t forget to grab a tea or coffee, or even better, a selection of bizir (seeds) from the supermarket nearby,” says Georges.

4 | Darat Al Funoun

This great little spot has a cute collection of art and you’ll enjoy the early afternoon at their outdoor cafe.

5 | Reeminikin

Check out Reeminikin’s pottery on Instagram or at Rise Cafe, she has beautiful handmade mugs, bowls and plates with all the right colors.

6 | Aqaba

“Aqaba is our little city by the sea. As kids we would go there a lot, so it’s a bit of a sentimental place for me. We would spend the day on the beach and take rides on the colorful glass-bottomed boats. You might even see it in our coming collection…there’s a little hint for you!’ says Georges. Other than the usual places such as Aqaba Ayla and Talabay, she also recommends an early morning coffee at one of the cafes on Ghandour.

7 | Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. It features dramatic sandstone mountains and is Georges’ favorite place on earth. “It’s the best place to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself. I go there often with my friends and camp in the wild,” she says.

Finally, Georges’ happy place, The Tania George Novote. Located in one of the oldest areas in Amman (Jabal Al Webdeh), with a vintage handwritten sign and cotton candy shades everywhere, George’s colorful little store gives you a glimpse into her world.