They’re not 50, they’re 5, and Mr. Grey has nothing to do with this, but we still guarantee you a sexy look if you take our advice on 2022’s shade trends.

According to Lebanese optician and optometrist Yara Nehme, wearing sunglasses that offer proper UV protection whenever you are outside and under the sun is mandatory. That being said, your chosen pair should provide 100% protection against both UVA and UVB radiation. Nehme also adds: “If you are a contact lens wearer, it’s preferable that you discard your contact lenses after swimming because lenses may harbor bacteria that increase your risk for severe eye infections.”

So unleash your inner Elton John and Gloria Steinem and get inspired by what the very best local brands have to offer this summer.

A candy hued vision with ‘See By Yara’

Yara Nehme’s line uses tinted lenses to reduce the intensity of the light and its associated glare. For example, orange and yellow tints make your environment appear brighter, blue enhances contours around objects and increases the natural blues of the ocean and sky, while caramel and brown improve contrast. Luckily, colored lenses are the vibe you should be on right now and ‘See By Yara’ masters that art. In 2006, Nehme moved back to Lebanon with a newfound dream for the optical world.

Her ambition was to transform her vision into a reality, she was encouraged to found her own business, Yara Eye Care, an eyewear boutique that reflects her passion and avant-garde personality.

Always looking to innovate, eight years later, Nehme launched her own eyewear brand, ‘SEE eyecare’ (the name is simply the translation of “Yara” from Arabic to English).

Y2K revised with Port Tanger

Pop culture is currently obsessing over everything Y2K and that includes the shield shades spotted on celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kim Kardashian, runways like Balenciaga’s and among offerings from brands like Port Tanger. Creative directors Bilal Fellah and Daniel Sumarna named their brand Port Tanger after the Moroccan city of Tangier.

Timeless classics from Karen Wazen Eyewear

Ain’t nothing like a pair of sunglasses that lasts forever, no matter the trends, and the label founded by wife, mother, international style icon and entrepreneur Karen Wazen is loyal and true to this idea. Karen Wazen Eyewear even has a ‘Classics’ section to shop from, and we fell in love with the Haper 2.0, the Jordan and the Dixy… check them out!

Big dreams, micro sunglasses from Roberi & Fraud

Whether the tiny sunglasses trend will last or not, we still enjoy the limitless options Roberi & Fraud offer us. In less than a year, Ali Mehrdad, the label’s founder, has succeeded in tapping into youth and pop culture and has risen to cult-like status as his micro-sunglasses became the ultimate cool girl’s go-to.

Aviators like never before with Amr Saad

Just when you though aviators were well out of fashion, Amr Saad, the Cairo-based boutique accessories designer, revisits them to add his own unique touch. Saad works with gold and silver and integrates organic shapes and flares of detail into every piece!