Fashion Trust Arabia’s mission extends beyond its annual prize event. Its on-going activations to keep the fashion industry alive, whether it be through different collaborations or projects regionally, further cements its ethos of supporting the ever-growing scene in the Arab world and beyond. Today is no different. CREATE x UNITE is here — a project by Fashion Trust Arabia and RKN on the occasion of the World Cup 2022 taking place in Qatar. 

45 of Fashion Trust Arabia’s previous finalists were invited to submit a t-shirt design inspired by the MENA region. Designers were tasked to take inspiration in line with the sports ethos of uniting and bringing all Arab countries together, aiming to celebrate the diverse lascape of our beautiful and culturally rich region. 3 designers made the cut. Zeid Hijazi from Jordan, Ibrahim Shebani from Libya and Amna Alsalem from Kuwait. Their winning designs were selected for production and are now available for purchase at RKN in Doha and online. 

Before you head online and shop your favorite design, let’s take a quick detour to get to the bottom of each of their inspirations.

Amna Alsalem: “During the 1900s, at the depth of nearly hundreds of feet at sea for months on end, Qatar thrived from pearl diving. My t-shirt design tells the story of the brave free divers with a focus on their HAND. The Hand which, raises sail, pearl dives  and folk dances and claps. These jobs are no longer part of our livelihoods, hand in hand, we dance and clap and thrive in love, art and life…”

Shop Amna’s t-shirt here.

Zeid Hijazi: “My design tells the story of what goes beyond the dagger. Inherited from one generation to the next, a symbol of history, unity, togetherness and compassion. I was inspired by the desert and its serenity, the healing we as human beings all strive for. We are in the wake of a new consciousness and it all starts here in Doha, as we gather for the World Cup.”

Shop Zeid’s t-shirt here.

Ibrahim Shebani: “The design we created is inspired by Fakhri Al-Baroodi’s poem ‘Biladol Orb Awtani’ which translates to ‘The Arab Lands are my Nations’. The poem emphasizes on the solidarity, unity and hospitality of the Arab nations in particular Doha, Qatar which is proudly hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2022. We’ve followed a minimalistic approach while designing this t-shirt by focusing on symbols that reflect the core message of our inspiration.”

Shop Ibrahim’s t-shirt here.

Proceeds from the sales of the T-shirts will go towards Fashion Trust Arabia’s non-profit mission to promote and nurture designers from the MENA region.